Time & Attendance

Managing employee time is easier than ever with the latest technology from AmCheck. Effectively
collect and process time and attendance data, and then use that data to process accurate paychecks.

Time & Attendance

The time and attendance features built into the platform allow you to track and monitor overtime, meals and breaks; keep track of potential errors; and manage your time policies, producing accurate, complete time cards, every time.

Time & Attendance

Improve Your Bottom Line

Eliminate time theft and buddy punching with biometric clock options.

Pay History

Simplified Scheduling

Supervisors can use scheduling tools to build shifts and schedules for their employees.

Handle Work Environments

Handle Work Environments

Track employees who work at the office, from home, and at multiple job sites.

Employee Self Service Las Vegas

Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant with ever changing time and labor laws.

Take Your
Time Collection and Management
Processes to the Next Level.

Your collection methods are 100% customizable based on your needs. Employee’s can clock in through physical time clocks, mobile phones, virtual computer clocks or through their employee self service access. With ip restrictions, location tracking, Geo Fencing and different customizable group permission rules you will have complete control. Pretty cool right!

AmCheck Payroll Processing
Time & Attendance

Data is available 24/7, and you don’t have to worry about making updates
or installing complex software.

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