Human Resources

Free up your HR representatives’ time by providing a platform that handles all the
essential functions. The human resources module empowers organizations to do more,
spanning the entire employee life cycle from hire to retire.

Manage training requirements and make decisions

Manage training requirements and make decisions about promotions based on performance

Human Resources

Track awards, assigned company assets, and education

Human Resources

Create a list of disciplinary offenses and ensure that only the best employees are part of the team

Strengthen Your Workforce
With Configurable Reporting,
Data at-a-glance & Truly Paperless Hr Processes

Allow your HR team members to focus on improving productivity, boosting the company culture, and strategizing about growth,
rather than handling the often-mundane tasks.

We provide your company with a robust system to manage your human resources. Our single solution manages all the HR related critical tasks and keeps your employees engaged. Use our services and tools to boost the satisfaction of employees, maximize their management, and improve rates of retention.
In addition to our robust HRIS solution all AmCheck clients has access to a SHRM certified team.

HR Questions
HR Form Library
Handbook review and creation
Access to an HR professional via phone or email
Automated State specific HR email alerts

At AmCheck we have you covered!

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Applicant Tracking Las Vegas

Job History Tracking

Maintain accessible, accurate records for all employees

Salary Management

Salary Management

Track employee salaries, benefits statuses, and histories

Vacation/PTO Accrual Management

Vacation/PTO Accrual

Employees can view their PTO balances and accruals at any time

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service

Allow employees to enter and update their own personal information

HR Software

With the HR module from AmCheck, you can make sure your business is compliant with the ever-changing regulations. Data is also available between departments for simplified communication and seamless processes.

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