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We have great clients and they have great stories.

Christy goes above and beyond to make sure I am good. It is reassuring to know I have someone in my corner.

Jim S.

Genesis Handyman

Christy at AmCheck consistently goes above and beyond to ensure my payroll is processed correctly and on time. She understands I am a small company and without exception, follows up with me to ensure payroll is correct and timely. She has had a real and valuable impact on my business. Thank You Christy!

Jim S.

Genesis Handyman

Thoroughly impressed with their customer service and reliability

Kathy D.


Allison Bernhardt is awesome at processing our payroll and being on top of managing changes. Ryan Bormann is excellent at identifying value in partnerships and is very responsive.

Kelly G.

Nevada Subcontractors Association

Having experience in this industry, it really is the service and people that set companies apart. I love that AmCheck services locally. They are wonderful!

Kelly G.

Nevada Subcontractors Association

Local support. Easy to get someone on the phone to assist us. They really do all they can to take as much off our plate as possible and at a more affordable price than competitors. I have had personal interaction with the owner - which as a business owner makes me feel great. I am confident we can fix any problem that might occur with the owner being that involved and accessible.

Lucas M.

Franchise of Five Guys Burgers & Fries

Chantel Olsen has been great to work with and so has the rest of the team they have always been there to answer all my questions

Maria C.

Nevada Heart

I appreciate the staff very much, always accessible and very quick to respond. Knowing you take care of the filings and everything associated with Payroll gives me one less giant thing to worry about.

Mia A.

Nicky Ricky Corporation

Having a designated point of contact or two, rather than a customer service line is huge. Additionally our reps are always quick to respond and knowledgeable.



AmCheck was proactive about correcting a payroll issue, and quick to respond to follow ups.



Deen, Chantal, and Christy are very knowledgeable and responsive to all of our needs. I can trust that if we ask them a payroll question we will get the correct answer. Even if they personally do not have the answer, they will research and respond in a way that is easy to understand. Everyone else that we've worked with from Tax to GL has also been helpful and experienced. There is a peace of mind in using AmCheck, that we have not had with other payroll providers.



I started with AmCheck and then changed to two different payroll companies and now I am back with AmCheck and loving it. Sorry I ever left.

Michele L.

Firehouse Subs

I'm an accounting professional with over 25 years experience. I have worked with most of the major payroll servicing companies throughout my career. AmCheck is by far the best company I have worked with...specifically Deen Gumerson! I have referred them now to other clients & will continue to do so. The one on one service is hands down the best feature, but also their promptness & willingness to always help! I don't have any complaints about AmCheck.

Michelle C.


The AmCheck staff is quick to respond to anything I might need from them.

Pamela P.

Partell Pharmacy

Best team to work with. Thanks guys!

Ree P.

Hope Lives Inc

I have fabulous support with AmCheck.


John J Dudek DDS

I've done payroll for 12 years with various companies. For the past 5 years, AmCheck has exceeded every expectation we had. Could not be happier!

Sarah E.

Vegas Granite Marble

AmCheck has been a wonderful service for us. They have been accurate every time, or quick and responsive, and their customer service is top notch

Shelly S.

PDS Therapy

They do a great job and are always patient and helpful

Shirley C.

Kids Cove Preschool

I think AmCheck does an awesome job. Their staff is always knowledgeable and solves all my issues.

Shirley C.

Kids Cove Preschool

AmCheck makes doing payroll a breeze! Customer service is great (especially Chantal). Reports are easy to find and run.

Stacy M.

New England Vision