AmCheck makes it easy to process your payroll accurately and efficiently, every time.
With truly local support based in Las Vegas, and cutting-edge payroll processing software,
you can preview payroll in real time for better results.

Payroll Services in Las Vegas
Anytime, Anywhere Access

The secure, cloud-based data servers provide the ultimate flexibility for your payroll processing.

AmCheck Payroll Processing

AmCheck Payroll Processing

A comprehensive and streamlined process is what you get. Our solutions are highly customizable and supported with unsurpassed customer service.

By bringing the essential functions of Payroll and HR together, iSolved simplifies your people management. All critical functions are in one database. No more exporting, importing, or clunky integrations. iSolved doesn’t stop there, it easily scales to include time tracking, benefits enrollment, applicant tracking and onboarding. Therefore, you are not waiting on other people to update information in order to complete payroll.

iSolved lives in the cloud, so you can access it anywhere at any time. And, it’s designed and built from the ground up, based on customer feedback – so you can get payroll done quickly and accurately. No hassles.

payroll services las vegas


iSolved starts with your Dashboard. You can easily see your payroll calendar, any reminders you have, and any announcements that may impact your company.

Payroll Preview

iSolved’s full payroll preview puts you in control, alerting you to potential errors, and provides you with all the reports needed before you post the payroll for processing. Plus, iSolved will calculate taxes even in complicated state and local jurisdictions.

Payroll Services in Las Vegas
Taxes & Reporting

Taxes & Reporting

AmCheck insulates you from costly payroll tax penalties. AmCheck is registered to deposit and file taxes in all 50 states. We offer scalable solutions and often integrate to our customer’s accounting system, CRM and ERP’s

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Payroll Tax Filing

Handles multi-state, multi-location, and other tax filing challenges

Direct Deposit & Pay Cards

Direct Deposit & Pay Cards

Eliminate paper checks for good

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service

Access to pay stubs and salary information at any time, from anywhere

Real Time Payroll Report Previews

Real Time Payroll Report Previews

Ensures accurate processing before you finalize payroll

Employee Self-Service

Local One On One Support

Single point of contact who knows you and your business

Applicant Tracking Las Vegas

Custom Report Writer

We’ve built a point, click and drop reporting system that is extremely simple to use.

Data is available 24/7

Data is available 24/7 and never purged. No complex software installs or updates necessary.

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