Nevada’s Oldest Contractor: Savage and Son’s 125 Years in Business

Savage and Son, Inc. marked their 125th anniversary of business this year. Established in 1893, Savage and Son is a family-owned and operated business that serves Northern Nevada and the Sierra as a provider of plumbing, HVAC and piping. The company holds Nevada Contractor’s License number 10 and is Nevada’s oldest contractor having passed the family business down through four generations. Over the past century and more, Savage and Son has completed several iconic projects in the Northern Nevada region, helping shape the area.

Becoming Nevada’s Oldest Contractor

Savage and Son was the original plumbing and heating contractor for many historical buildings in Northern Nevada including, Stewart Indian School, Lake Mansion, Governor’s Mansion, Saint Mary’s Hospital, Central (Reno) High School and Washoe County Hospital. In 1905, Savage and Son installed a heating plant at the Washoe County Hospital (now Renown) for $100, and over 100 years later they worked on the new Renown Tahoe Tower.

Earlier this year, Savage and Son performed a retrofit on the University of Nevada, Reno’s Lincoln Hall, where they discovered the original water closet under the stairs that was installed by their ancestors who were the original contractor for the building in 1896.

Success by Longevity and Innovation

To maintain a successful business for 125 years, innovation and adaptation to the changing times is crucial. Savage and Son can attribute its longevity as a business from constantly innovating and evaluating their performance and product and ability to meet the needs of their customers.

The Savage family credits their success to their dedicated staff, the previous generations who laid the foundation for a solid business and their strong family guiding principles of hard work, resourcefulness, integrity, selflessness and grit.


Working Out at Work: Corporate Wellness in Nevada

Wellness programs are becoming more popular in today’s economy as both employers and employees alike work to keep healthcare costs down. Wellness programs are workplace programs that promote healthy lifestyle choices, offer opportunities to take control of health issues and cut healthcare costs. Programs may include education, athletic opportunities, on-site medical screenings, health coaching and participation incentives that foster a culture of fitness. Most wellness programs are aimed at educating employees and giving them the tools to make healthy choices.

Getting Started

For any wellness program, maintaining engagement is essential. The first month or two of an on-site wellness program is spent getting to know the employees and the environment, completing needs assessment and polling the population, meeting with senior staff and gauging goals and vision.

Since participation is voluntary, lone wolves can choose the do-it-yourself option, but in order to get the incentives like discounted healthcare premiums, submitting to biometric screening is required

Healthy Choices

Offering screenings and physicals on-site makes access easier for employees. The easier participation is, the better the buy in. It’s about getting healthier, learning about health and in the long run to have less healthcare costs.


Whether employers want to believe they’re making a difference and employees want to believe they’re making changes, in the end it’s the individual who has to sustain the choices that have led to success. Any employer who doesn’t recognize the value of the asset they have in an employee and take every opportunity to help that asset be as healthy and as happy as possible, is really missing out.



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