Moving Your Business To Las Vegas

Las Vegas is commonly known for its vibrant nightlife. This attracts tourist who come to party, gamble, shop and enjoy themselves. It is the most populated city in Nevada. With a population of approximately 2 million. Plus the high number of tourists, the city receives. This makes Las Vegas business favorable. Here are reasons you should consider moving your business to Las Vegas:

Favorable Cost Of Living

The cost of living is relatively low in Vegas compared to other cities. The average monthly rental is $900.Residents here enjoy high quality life with low cost of living. This is attractive for both entrepreneurs and young professionals looking for jobs.

Las Vegas Tax Breaks

You can live and work in Vegas without worrying about taxes. There are no individual income tax or corporate tax. This is regardless of whether you are resident or not. The government is encouraging entrepreneurs to move and start businesses.

Business Friendly Environment

Las Vegas is known for its friendly and open door policy for businesses. The social amenities and facilities are suitable for the business class and the entrepreneurs. There are state of art facilities for business meetings and talks and hundreds of fine dining restaurants.

Tourism Advantage

This city attracts all kind of people. Las Vegas has a very vibrant economy. This means you are creating new jobs with your business here. In addition to the already high population here, tourists visit Vegas all year round. This is why you should relocate your business here.

No Sleeping

Las Vegas is known for its very vibrant night life. This is one city that never sleeps. This means you can run your business 24/7. The high population in both day and night can create a huge demand for goods and services 24/7. This is a perfect opportunity to make your business grow



An app solution for business travellers who dine alone

Table for one? It’s a dreaded phrase for many, with dining solo among top peeves cited by business travelers.

Ciaran Haughey spends about one-third of his working life on the road and while he enjoys meeting people and visiting new places, dining on his own is one aspect of business travels he dislikes. The businessman has turned his discomfort with sitting alone in restaurants into a company.

The idea for Table4one came to him a couple of years ago during a business trip in Manchester. He was eating out, and looking around the restaurant, he observed 10 others sitting at tables alone, looking at their phones to pass the time.

Having searched unsuccessfully for an app that addressed the problem, he realized there was a gap in the market for a digital solution.

Mr Haughey, who has 20 years’ experience with multinational companies, including Dell and Barclays, and more recently in health and wellness, says apart from business travelers wanting a dinner companion to fill a social need, they are also missing out on opportunities to connect and build their professional networks.

Table4one is one way for business travelers to make the most of their trip. The app, which Mr Haughey stresses is “not a dating app — that market is saturated”, is free to download from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.

Users can sign up with LinkedIn and pull across their information. They fill out their profile, entering details such as industry, professional objectives, and other interests “such as sports or the theatre”.

When the user is planning a business trip, they enter the information into the app and receive suggestions based on other users who will be in the same location at the same time. Other users can respond and initiate a meet-up.

An algorithm matches users according to industry, interests, and objectives, displaying the best matches first, which are people from the same sector with corresponding goals.

Table4one earns revenue by restaurants paying a subscription to be at the top of a list of local recommended eateries.

The benefit for the restaurant is that it changes a table for one into a table for two or three. It changes a glass of wine into a bottle of wine, changes one course into three courses.

The added bonus is that the diners are business travelers who have “typically a higher spend with an expense account”, said Mr Haughey.

Table4one launched at Web Summit in November 2018.


Mr Haughey showcased the app at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month. His decision to exhibit at the global tradeshow was based on the “perfect target market” — 150,000 attendees — “most of whom travel on business and most of whom are tech-savvy”.